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Golden Ira Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (GIE) was formed in the 7th March year 2000.  During the past year, the company has positioned itself to be one of the premier engineering companies in Bintulu En. Mazlan Bin Jobli, who after a careful study of the Civil Engineering Industry, found a tremendous void of service, founded.
The company’s strength lies on its keen business and understanding of trading strategies in this region and thus is well poised to integrate its management, expertise, cooperation and commitment as a professional and efficient team.  GIE provides general construction related services to a vast variety of private and public clients.  The “Golden” key to GIE success has always been the ability of our team to meet a wide variety of industrial challenges with highly dedication and motivation to seek the best possible solutions.  The ability to relate and react to the needs of our customers is critical to our performance.  Quality, Safety and Time remain the first priority to all our projects.


To provide customers with high quality services
where we can be proud of the integrity of every work completed, and offer
superior customer service throughout the warranty phases of the tasks, always
remembering that each customer may be a tremendous source of referral business
to our company.


Our objective, at this time, is
to propel the company into a prominent market position.

“ We are a trusted contractor and more than that we are trusted friend to business,
industry, and to the authority at all levels.
We are justifiably proud of our work and through the pages of this site,
we want you to see our greatest strength, which is our diversity.  Hereby, the Management Committee, are pleased
to present you the GIE Company Profile and hope the useful information will
open doors to mutually beneficial opportunities to joint co-operation.”

Golden Ira Engineering Sdn. Bhd. |  (507406-W)



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